Biotech San Diego at SD Startup Week

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San Diego is a world class Biotech hub with a deep bench of talent and history. San Diego is home to a collection of world class Life Science Research centers: UCSan Diego, the Scripps Research Institute , J Craig Venter Institute, the Salk Research Institute, Sanford Burnham Medical Discovery Institute, and J&J Labs for highlights.

San Diego Startup Week (SDSW) is the city wide, week long startup festival where thousands come for a weeklong calendar of events all over the metro area. Startups are enjoying great momentum in San Diego. They enjoy a lower cost of living for employees but also the engineering talent which turn out aeronautic startups making drones as well as other Tech in general.

For SDSWs new SDBio event track IndieBio joined Sponsor LabFellows to meet with Startup BioTechs Entrepreneurs. At SDSW, BioEntrepreneurs talked about product, met with Investors and talked about Startup Bio and how opportunities are opening in new sectors. Startup events like SDSW are a great way to get started — meeting fellow entrepreneurs, investors and hearing other companies talk about finding customers. If you are looking to get started in learning about Entrepreneurship its a great way to dip your toe into the water!

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Future of Food Entrepreneur. Startup Advisor, Co-Founder, IndieBio and Startup Biotech.

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