Cricket Protein is too expensive to give to chickens :(

Hey Tim — the crickets I was referring to was not for feed for livestock — its for people to consume directly (e.g. from a casual web search).

Looking at this now I can see why you’d have thought it was the ideal feed for organic poultry. Its totally what they would naturally eat… but they human beings are already competing with birds for good protein sources.

Its not my idea, and like the other ideas here, the jury is still out. Will there be a broad food market for cricket powder? As the protein component to foods, the prices you’re posting are in the range consumers expect to pay. How much progress they will make is also ultimately about competitive pricing.

Feed prices are a big deal in the shadow world economy— food prices are not rising is because we have cheap protein from ‘junk fish’. When that runs out we’ll see prices of meat and other foods start to rise I think…

This all is a thread that started with ‘Slaves to Nitrogen’, about the world Protein economy.

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