Can we feed ourselves and our chickens? It’s not looking good.

Tim, not sure why you think that you or I have the power to wish this away. Check out the site link in my comment — the price of the bars are about $2 each. My guess is that the bar is not 100% cricket flour. There are at least half a dozen cricket protein companies around now. Even the price you found is interesting — the vendor hasn’t died yet so how is that a joke? Sure, take it up with them — email the vendor and tell them they shouldn’t exist. I don’t think your analysis will make cricket protein companies disappear regardless of how much hate goes onto them.

But to me all this goes to my main point. The problem of cheaper protein for animal feed which doesn’t empty out all the fish in the ocean is an important one. It might feel expensive to you right now. Food prices have actually fallen over the past few years, which I expect puts some pressure on producers to find cheaper sources, which puts people like Tang on boats to scoop out the last few fish from an emptying sea and grain farmers drilling deeper wells to draw on ancient unreplacable aquifers.

Right now feed is relatively cheap for sure, but costs due to non-replaceable resources will rise. When animal feed doubles in cost when scarcity kicks in, people will be upset and wonder what to do about it — at that point it might be too late.

There are companies trying some ideas in sustainable animal feeds out there too. But as you point out, they have the additional challenge that the prices must be a good deal lower, so they have a lot of pain to go through competing with feed available on the market that is not thinking 20 years down the road.

There will always be people who wonder how things could be done better and there will always be critics. 15 years ago organic food had similar critics who said similar things. What if people had given up because they didn’t think people would pay more for it? On the off chance that other people might see something you are not, maybe they should continue to try out some new ideas.

[This thread kinda goes back to my post Slaves to Nitrogen, which describes the world protein economy].

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