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  • Robert Suarez

    Robert Suarez

    Design and Innovation @su_labs and @singularityu, past @levelmoney, @IDEO practicing #biomimicry

  • Aaron J Dy

    Aaron J Dy

    PhD student at MIT. Studying biological engineering and research in #synbio. Political junkie. Hoosier at heart.

  • Peggy Cheung

    Peggy Cheung

  • Matthew Greenfield

    Matthew Greenfield

    Co-founder of Rethink Education (http://t.co/X9ruU9A0KW), a venture capital fund focused on technology for learning. Former literary critic. Willing to learn.

  • Alix Ventures

    Alix Ventures

    Supporting Early Stage Life Science Startups Driving Patient Impact 🚀

  • Kelly Egan

    Kelly Egan

    Cofounder of True Salt Co. I build companies and brands. truesaltco.com

  • Rafał Morlak

    Rafał Morlak

  • Wordy Biologist

    Wordy Biologist

    Occasionally writing about Life on Medium. Find Fiction/Reviews on my blog site on: www.wordybiologist.wordpress.com

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